Google top ten? Re-think your website goals!

If your main website goal is to be found in the top 10 search results on Google then you will want to consider re-defining your goals.

I have many clients who enjoy an enviable top 10, #1, top 3 etc. search engine position. This was their goal and a key reason for hiring me. These same clients now want to increase their results to include additional search terms and generate even more traffic. They are convinced that even though they are prominent for the search terms of their market area it just isn’t good enough and they need more. Well sure, who doesn’t want more traffic?

There is a flaw in this strategy, ask yourself this; What is this great flow of traffic going to do when they get to your website? Call you? Hire you? Send you money, buy your stuff or just surf on to another search result? Check your web stats, if your visitor’s are moving on then you need to consider why.

Admittedly, just a few years ago, having a web presence and being found in a search was novel enough to generate leads. This is no longer the case. The web isn’t new, it has evolved and so have the people who use it.

People using a search engine or “googling” are researching, looking for an answer, looking to purchase something specific or maybe want to be entertained. The website that answers the question, fulfills the need, engages the visitor, earns trust, makes a connection, builds a relationship etc. will generate the lead. And this of course, should be the goal of your website.

You need to take responsibility for your web success by building relationships and trust with your visitors. Define your your audience and give them what they want. Re-focus the time, energy and money you spend on search engine positioning and direct it towards content for your audience.

Incidentally, acheiving this goal will also greatly improve your SEO.