Use QR Codes to WOW your tech savvy sellers.

A QR code (quick response code) is simply a bar code that sends a mobile device to a specific website URL.  So for example if you offer a QR code on a listing flier a homebuyer can scan it with their phone and the app will show the URL which they can open in a browser and/or share via SMS & email. QR codes can can also be used to send your contact info to a mobile device.

Creating a QR code is easy and FREE!! QR code generators:

Or Google QR code generator to find more.

Some ideas for Using QR codes:

  • Sign riders
  • Listing fliers and on the flier box
  • In your listing presentation
  • Office window
  • Business card
  • Newspaper & print ads

Are you already using QR codes? Please share your ideas in the reply below.