The solution for real estate agents that don’t have time to blog

The Agent Reboot real estate conference today was the perfect inspiration to get me focused on my goals for the new year. Not because I learned about some cool new tech toy, app or social network but because it reinforced what I already know. The event confirmed that the products, services and advice I offer is on track to help you meet your goals for increased business in 2011.

Big emphasis on niche marketing, lifestyle marketing and the importance of the WordPress blogging platform for agents.

I’ve been known to say, “Think Pottery Barn” I didn’t know it had a fancy name like “lifestyle marketing”! but that’s totally what I meant. As for niche, I’ve absolutely talked to you about this even as far back as 14 years ago. This is because I think in terms of search engine optimization. Google likes it because this is the way people search. This is a no-brainer.

Also discussed: How often they hear agents say “I don’t have time to blog”.
Here’s the solution: call it marketing instead of blogging. I loved that! Imagine saying, “I don’t have time to market?” Yikes!

I get it though, I’m too busy working in my business to work on my business (it’s also more fun to work on someone else’s stuff) so I’ve been working on an additional solution to make it easier for you & help out a bit with SEO content for your WordPress website.

You’re probably sick of hearing me talk about “keyword phrases” and how you need to be creating local content that includes your local keywords etc. It’s a challenge, I know and I’m constantly thinking about how to help you with this, short of creating content for you myself.

I’m introducing a WordPress IDX solution. This is an SEO IDX advanced integration to display niche listings (search engine optimized) so these listings compilations can get indexed in Google for your local/niche keyword phrases.

I haven’t  updated my website yet with the details (my website is like the shoemakers barefooted family) but you can see a demo here: WordPress IDX Demo

Additional services I’m already doing for clients but have neglected to detail on my website include:

Mobile Marketing & Mobile Landing Pages, Custom Facebook Landing Pages, SEO: Improving backlinks, social media marketing, training & consulting.

I’m putting it out there for accountability that I’ll be updating my website with more details about these services. Let me know in the comments below about your real estate marketing goals for 2011.