How to fix your web mail display problem: Godaddy & Secure Server Email

Some people are experiencing display problems when using the GoDaddy & Secure Server web mail interface. Here is the fix:

Open your web mail. Click on “settings” “display settings”
Click the “other” tab and put a check where it says “Use full-time ssl mode” (at the bottom)
And that should do it!
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How @replies work on Twitter (and how they might)

@replies are used for Twitter conversations. You can send an @reply (@twitterusername) to direct a message or question etc. to anyone (even if they are not following you)

Remember to click on your @reply tab to see tweets directed to you. Read more

Are you making social media too hard?

Visiting client’s property in a rural area recently, Parker spotted a black king snake. He snapped a picture of the nonvenomous — but shockingly long — snake slithering through the grass, and posted it to his Facebook page. Read more

HouseLogic Beta

HouseLogic is providing quality real estate content for consumers. Adding value, saving energy, tax credits, 8 ways to do this and 5 tips for that. Here is a terrific resource for blogging Realtor’s to get some inspiration. Just remember, you are taking inspiration, not copying an article that is already available. HouseLogic has a national audience, your audience is local. Only you can offer the best local real estate news, tips and advice.

RPR: The coming civil war in real estate

I’ve pulled highlights from the full article

Turns out, MLSs employ rather lots of people, including executives who are drawing a very nice income from heading up said MLSs. Are we to believe that these people will voluntarily march down to the unemployment line so that RPR can make millions?

Fact is, once RPR is in your market, every Realtor will use it. It’s that good. There isn’t an MLS in the country (yet) that can release a competing product. Over time — and a rather short period of time at that — every member of that MLS will wonder why he is paying those MLS fees.

The Brokerage
After RPR, every single member of NAR will have the best backend agent tool ever created. If you’re a Coldwell Banker agent, there will be little reason to go to CREST or to the CB Extranet site to get tools and data. RPR will have it for you.

The mapping tool on RPR kicks the bejesus out of anything I’ve seen offered by any major franchise or major brokerage. And the local mom-and-pop will have it, just as your agents will, except that the local guy will be paying 90/10 splits since he doesn’t have the overhead you have.

Think your big brokerage office will be attracting or keeping more top agents? Based on what?

via The coming civil war in real estate | Real Estate and Technology News for Agents, Brokers and Investors | Inman News.